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Licensed Practical Nurse | Sozo Healthcare

Farmville, VA

Job Type:

Yearly Salary Range:

Full Time; Part Time; PRN

Hiring Bonus:

$50,000 - $69,000 per year


About the Position

Provide holistic nursing care to patients in a correctional setting.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Assists health care providers, registered nurses and allied health professionals with examinations, treatments, special tests and routine procedures.

  2. Obtains patient health history, laboratory specimens, vital signs and administers TB skin tests.

  3. Conducts lab tests and ensures the results are delivered to correct physician or registered nurse.

  4. Ensures patient is receiving proper care for injury or condition.

  5. Reviews patient chart; records and reports observed symptoms, reactions, treatments, and changes in patient’s conditions.

  6. Schedules and coordinates paperwork for patient transfers to medical facilities or outside health care providers; administers medications; implement healthcare practitioners’ orders and documents all patient contacts using the POMR format.

  7. Practices safety, environmental and infection control methods.

  8. Will adhere to Sozo’s Standards of Professional Conduct, and will incorporate and/or be supportive of Sozo’s core values, mission, and vision!

  9. Respond to requests from Security Staff as well as Sozo Staff in accordance with Sozo and Facility Guidelines.  This includes following the rules and regulations for employee conduct/behavior and chain of command set forth by the command staff at all times while working within the detention/correctional facility.

  10. Performs other duties as assigned.

Skills, Knowledge, and Required Abilities:

  • Knowledge of patient care charts and patient histories.

  • Knowledge of clinical operations and documentation.

  • Skill in performing clinical nursing procedures.

  • Knowledge of patient evaluation procedures.

  • Ability to maintain quality, safety and infection control standards.

  • Knowledge of related accreditation and certification requirements.

  • Knowledge of appropriate procedures and standards for the administration of medications and patient care aids.

  • Ability to prepare and process laboratory samples using established protocols.

  • Ability to observe, assesses, and record symptoms, reactions and progress.

  • Requires heavy physical work; heavy lifting, pushing, or pulling required of objects up to 50 pounds.

  • Physical work is primary part (more than 70%) of job. 

Educational and Experience Requirements:

  • Current state license as a Practical or Vocational Nurse

  • Current CPR certification from American Heart Association (AHA), American Red Cross (ARC) or American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) 

  • Other relevant professional experiences or educational backgrounds will be considered as deemed appropriate. However, when licensure is required by local, state, federal, or contractual guidelines, we will not alter our position on those requirements.

Working Conditions and Physical Effort:

  • Work is typically performed in a clinical setting

  • Considerable physical activity.

  • Work environment involves exposure to potentially dangerous materials and situations that require following extensive safety precautions and may include the use of protective equipment.

Additonal Information

We are an ACA accredited facility. We are committed to excellence throughout our organization and strive to provide a positive, safe and professional work environment.

Applicant must be:

18 yrs. or older

Have a High School diploma or equivalent

Able to pass mandatory federal background investigation which includes but is not limited to:  Fingerprinting, Drug Testing, Credit and Criminal History, Character Associations, Past Employment History.

Abyon provides an excellent benefits package that includes 401k, Medical/Dental/ Vision care, Holiday Pay, Leave Pay and several other benefit options.

“EEO/M/F/Disabled/Veteran Employer”

At-will statement:

The provisions of this employment application are not intended to create contractual obligations concerning any matters it covers. Nor is this application for employment intended to create a contract guaranteeing that you will be employed for any specific time period. Abyon is an at-will employer. This means that regardless of any provisions in this employment application, either you or Abyon may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, or no reason, and with or without notice. Nothing in this employment application or any document or statement, written or oral, shall limit the right to terminate employment at-will. No officer, employee, or representative of Abyon is authorized to enter into an agreement- expressed or implied- with any employee for employment for a specified period of time unless such an agreement is in a written contract signed by the Director of Abyon.

Anti-Discrimination Statement:

Abyon subscribes to the equal employment opportunity requirements of federal laws, regulations and executive orders, as well as the laws of the states and municipalities in which we conduct business.

Abyon is committed to equal treatment of all employees and prospective employees and to affirmative action to ensure such treatment. It is the policy of Abyon to ensure equal opportunity to all employees and applicants in all employment matters including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, placement, compensation, training, promotion, and separation. In these and all activities, Abyon does not discriminate against any qualified individual because of sex, age, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, sexual preference, disability, or any other legally protected characteristic.

As part of the company’s equal employment opportunity policy, Abyon will also take affirmative action as called for by applicable laws and executive orders to ensure that minorities, women, protected veterans, and qualified disabled persons are introduced into our workforce and considered for promotional opportunities.

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